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Infant Program

A safe loving place to grow and learn 

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The first step in human development is trust.

Infants must feel safe and cared for in order to explore their abilities and the world around them. We strive to keep with the child's at-home routine when first starting their Giving Tree experience. Our large infant areas have cozy sleeping nooks, where your baby will feel comfortable and safe.

We encourage social and emotional development through recognizing facial expressions and the sounds of our environment around us. Through exploration,

we continually build the infant's motor

development allowing opportunities to reach, roll, and grab. Gradually, and with guidance, our infants develop their ability to crawl, pull to a standing position, and eventually walk.


We use sign language and repetitive speech to enhance language and speech development; giving our infants hands-on examples of simple signs to help them as they begin to comprehend language.

We're Learning All The Time

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