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Preschool & PreK

Learning Independence

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At preschool age, children learn to prepare themselves for kindergarten.  Our preschool program emphasizes cognitive lessons and developmentally appropriate play, meshed together to keep learning fun. The program is tailored to help children coordinate their individual learning into group learning.

Children learn to help their peers during journal writing and participate in hands-on math and science projects. With guidance, they will begin to predict and even alter outcomes.

At The Giving Tree, we recognize that children have a need for acceptance and self-identity, and our preschool program will help them learn to share, be kind and handle conflict.


We continue to help build social and emotional development as special relationships become stronger. We enhance our childrens vocabulary through the use of word walls and real world experiences that boost creativity and imagination

Grow Your Vision

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Prepare your little one for a brighter future at The Giving Tree! Our preschools in Philadelphia provide a balanced foundation of learning and play. We empower each student with a wealth of interactive experiences to promote kindergarten readiness and skills that last a lifetime.


To support all realms of cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development, our early childhood education features a comprehensive learning model. With a finely-tuned balance of play-based learning strategies and attentive instruction in language, literacy, math, and numeracy skills, our well-rounded preschool in Philadelphia leads to amazing outcomes in: 

  • Exploration & curiosity: Our fun approach to learning inspires children to seek new information and continue developing their skills. Every day at preschool, your little one can look forward to an awe-inspiring exploration of our beautiful Philly neighborhoods, stimulating group activities, and creative story activities that motivate your child to read and write for a lifetime. 

  • Practical life skills: The benefits of the best preschool guidance go beyond the basics of math and literacy. Functional activities that have practical value are essential to our well-rounded learning plans. While mastering puzzles, solving problems as a group, and playing games that require focused attention and coordination, gross and fine motor skill development happens naturally. 

  • Impactful social growth: In harmony with functional growth and gross motor skill development, many of our best activities teach children values like sharing, teamwork, and empathy for others. We lead by example at our preschool, demonstrating how to treat each other with respect, kindness, and helpful attitudes. 

The Giving Tree Offers Quality Early Education Classes For Children in Philadelphia

Children look forward to every day at our preschools because our creative teachers are passionate about infusing fun and imagination into every topic we explore. At both Queen Village and Logan Square, our programs are actively adjusted to the needs of our students, providing the best in both structure and adaptive learning. When children develop habits of sharing, discovering, and asking questions early on, a stronger foundation of learning is established. The result is an appropriately paced and relatable pre-k school that motivates children to keep learning and growing! 

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Our Pre-K Curriculum Includes:

  • Cognitive lessons 

  • Cooperative play

  • Social skills development

  • And of course, loads of FUN!


All of these essential learning elements are implemented with a big-picture outlook. In addition to the value of each lesson, we take a special interest in supporting our students beyond the classroom. To maximize your child’s developmental well-being, our preschool teachers actively involve our parents. Our communicative teachers provide constant updates, making it easy to bring our lessons and progress home with you. 

We are also strategically located in two wonderful parts of Philadelphia, allowing our Preschoolers to utilize the city as part of their weekly curriculum. Whether it's a trip to the Franklin Institute or the Mosaic Garden, our Preschoolers are putting the weekly curriculum into real-world context.

Our Pre-K Program Ensures A Smooth & Seamless Transition To Kindergarten

All aspects of our Pre-K program are designed to promote success beyond our classrooms. Promoting Kindergarten readiness is among our top priorities, because when children are prepared for the next steps in learning, progress compounds. Instead of feeling anxious or fearful about the transition to kindergarten, our preschool students are more likely to enter the next chapter of learning with confidence, social preparedness, and the academic abilities they need to succeed. 

Are you a parent in Philadelphia’s Center City and excited to learn more about our Preschools? We would love to connect with you, schedule a tour, and teach you more about our safe, clean, and supportive preschools. Our schools are located in Logan Square zip code 19103 and Queen Village zip code 19147, but we have families that drive in from the suburbs before work.  Get in touch with us today to learn more about each of our locations in Philadelphia. 

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