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Creating A Nurturing Environment For Every Child

infant program

Infants (ages 0-1)

Building trust is essential in the journey of early human development. Feeling secure and cared for allows our 0-1-year-olds the opportunity to explore their emerging abilities and the world that surrounds them. At The Giving Tree, we prioritize maintaining a seamless transition from the child's at-home routine to their new environment. Our spacious infant areas feature cozy sleeping nooks, designed to provide your baby with comfort and safety.


We actively foster social and emotional development by attentively recognizing facial expressions and the sounds of their immediate environment. Through gentle exploration, we continuously facilitate motor development, creating opportunities for infants to reach, roll, and grasp. Gradually, with our guidance, these young ones progress from crawling to pulling themselves to a standing position, and eventually, to their first steps.

In nurturing their language and speech development, we employ sign language and repetitive speech, offering infants hands-on examples of simple signs to assist them in their burgeoning comprehension of language.

Toddlers (ages 1-3)

The toddler stage, spanning 1-3 years, is an exciting and rewarding exploration and newfound independence. At The Giving Tree, we wholeheartedly support these emerging needs by encouraging daily discoveries and self-sufficiency.

Our toddlers can relish quiet moments immersed in their favorite stories in the library or expend their energy during yoga sessions in our gym. Self-help skills are actively encouraged, including toilet training and a consistent emphasis on self-hygiene practices such as hand-washing and self-serving snacks.

Inherent curiosity drives toddlers to investigate and discover new things every day. We further enhance their cognitive abilities through play and small group interactions within a hands-on learning environment.

toddler program
pre-k program

Preschool &  Pre-K
(ages 3-5)

As children approach preschool age, they embark on the journey to prepare themselves for kindergarten. Our program combines cognitive lessons and developmentally appropriate play to ensure that learning remains a joyful and engaging experience. The curriculum is tailored to assist children in transitioning from individual learning to group learning.

In our preschool and pre-K programs, children learn to collaborate with their peers during journal writing and engage in hands-on math and science projects. With our guidance, they develop the capacity to predict and even modify outcomes.

At The Giving Tree, we place high value on nurturing acceptance and self-identity. Our preschool program is designed to help children learn the values of sharing, kindness, and conflict resolution. 

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